this website is a work in progress!

(this text box is scrollable btw)
its eventual intended purpose is to give information about its creator, and a portfolio of her projects, but for now, it is empty.
eventually i'll get a domain of my own, but i'm still a broke teenager, so... neocities it is! if someone out there who somehow remembers my website, or me, reads this, then hi! i'm sixteen now (i was around thirteen when i first created this website!)
i've still been coding for the past few years, but doing more data related stuff instead of shitty front-end... i've been taking classes for almost 2 years now! wow... my teen years have gone by really fast! i'm on my fifth year of japanese already?!?! (びっくり!) oh and i'm still really cringe. just less open about it lololol
to anyone who may have taken the time to read this... sorry for wasting it! get out of here already!