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twix's (unfinished) home


i am twix and i am really really evil!!
anyways this is my (not mobile friendly) website aaand i hope you like it !! its a personal site and its a little ugly and thats ok!

2/24/22 i hate javascript. its so evil (like the bad kind of evil yk..)

2/23/22 added to the infodump page!! i like linguistics

2/21/22 ok i just fixed the directory!! now all links work :) ive also added code to copypaste for my button link and links to websites i like!!!

2/20/22 added the about me page, added the diary page (learned how to make glowing text!), and made my very own button!!!! also edited directory and added more fun photos i like!! also added the infodump pages... and wrote in one a lot... well i guess thats the point anyway! the directory link to the pages is kind of broken? idk why? but its fine ill figure it out

2/19/22 added the update section (lol obviously) and completely renovated and changed themes!! i also added a cursor but it only half works so sorry abt that

directory :D


about me



Mimi (makemefeelso)
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sites i like

my button!!!
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